Video Header Bidding with SpotX

Looking to overcome the waterfall and compete all demand sources simultaneously? With SpotX, you’ve got options. Use SpotX as your ad server and the holistic auction is built in. Use the SpotX Header Bidding Wrapper and increase competition by plugging into third party header bidders.

Use SpotX as Your Primary Ad Server

SpotX’s parallel ad decisioning competes all demand sources in a unified server side auction that reduces latency while delivering the highest possible ad revenue.

Header Bidding Wrappers

SpotX as Primary Ad Server with Header Bidding Wrapper

Plug additional demand sources from third-party header bidder partners into SpotX and compete them alongside direct sold and SpotX-sourced demand while leveraging SpotX as your primary ad server.

Alternative Primary Ad Server with Header Bidding Wrapper

Leverage SpotX’s server to server bidding capabilities to compete all demand sources in a unified auction even if your primary ad server doesn’t support parallel ad decisioning.

Maximize Competition and Yield

Whether you’re looking to achieve a unified auction that reduces latency and maximizes revenue with SpotX’s ad server or just plug in additional demand sources with one of our header bidding wrappers, we’ve got a solution for you.

What’s New in Header Bidding

SpotX Launches New Tools to Integrate Third-Party and Proprietary Header Bidding Tools:

Server-to-server video pioneer opens up platform to third-party solutions to help media owners surface highest paying ad for every opportunity.

Debunking the Video Header Bidding Hype, a Publisher’s Guide:

Sr. Director of Product Management clears the muddy waters around header bidding for video.

How Header Bidding Works in Video vs. Display

Header bidding emerged as a key trend for display in 2015, but given the inherent complexities associated with video, it’s only natural that header bidding for video didn’t emerge until at least a year later.

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