Downloads / September 08, 2017

White Paper: The Connected TV Advertising Opportunity in Europe

This white paper dives into the growth opportunity of connected TV advertising across the UK, …Read More

White Paper: Field Guide to Mobile Video Advertising

Over the past decade, mobile has become the dominant platform for digital advertising. Because of how prevalent mobile devices are in our lives, the smartphone has become the bridge that connects traditional linear television campaigns with larger cross-screen digital...

Infographic: Riding the In-App Wave

Download our latest infographic to discover the many opportunities surrounding the growth of mobile video advertising and learn how to maximize your returns.

Infographic: Curated Marketplaces—The Next Evolution of Buying

The internet is getting bigger every day and it's becoming more challenging for advertisers to reach consumers efficiently. With this in mind, we launched Curated Marketplaces in 2015—giving advertisers access to inventory that was packaged according to their needs,...

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