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If you ask a SpotXer what they most enjoy about their job, you might get a variety of answers. Some appreciate the technical aspect of their work, others like being able to keep their fingers on the pulse of a fast-paced industry, but one common answer we’ve heard again and again is the ability to be challenged and inspired by colleagues on the SpotX team.

We’re fortunate to have a supportive team of people who are constantly striving for excellence in all aspects of their work. With that in mind, we wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate one of our very best, Joanna Burton, our VP of European Strategy, who was officially named ExchangeWire’s AdTech Personality of the Year!

Joanna Burton adtech personality of the year

Nominated and selected by a group of industry executives, the AdTech Personality of the Year Award honors the person who has made a significant contribution” to ad tech and had a notable impact on the industry as a whole.

“I’m absolutely thrilled,” Joanna exclaimed after receiving her award. “To be listed next to so many inspiring ladies, such as Cadi Jones, Mia Mulch and Ruth Zohrer, as well as industry giants like Danny Hopwood, John Snyder and Nick Hugh is an incredible honor. At SpotX, I’m free to be myself and enjoy my work, and I’m looking forward to continuing to deliver results for leading broadcasters, publishers, agencies and advertisers across Europe.”

See the list of official nominees here.


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