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Spotlight on Plex News

As consumers increasingly access content across devices, forward-thinking publishers and advertisers are taking steps to deliver and monetize a smooth experience across all screens and all streams. Broadcast television is still strong, but viewers are branching out to other devices and industry trends show that advertisers are following. For instance, the growing pool of cord-cutters and cord-nevers is pulling ad dollars toward OTT content and the IAB reports that mobile video is the leading driver of digital video ad revenue growth.

Plex News provides a fully-customizable curated feed of trusted news content which users can access across all devices. Plex has partnered with the most reputable and trustworthy news sources, generating a growing arsenal of content from more than 190 global publishers including the Associated Press, CNN, Cheddar and Reuters in addition to local news sources for over 80% of markets in the U.S. and other targeted regional outlets around the world. This allows users to aggregate high-quality coverage on the topics that are most relevant to them and access it at any time on any device.


Through the partnership with SpotX, these cross-screen advertising opportunities are being made available to buyers via SpotX’s video ad serving platform. Plex’s premium content experience is delivered to high-touch users at any time on the device of their choosing, creating a unique monetization opportunity with enhanced behavioral and interest-based targeting capabilities.


Plex News reaches a sophisticated, tech-savvy audience over a third of whom are actively engaging within the platform on a monthly basis, presenting an opportunity for repeated exposure to advertisers’ messaging.


Plex is quite literally the platform of “choice”, designed to help users collect and organize content as it appeals to them. Plex’s artificial intelligence capabilities allow advertisers to leverage users’ preferred content to execute highly relevant multi-touch campaigns at scale.

By working with SpotX, advertisers transacting on Plex News inventory can leverage the following tools:

Deal Optimization: SpotX can structure custom private and curated marketplaces to surface Plex News opportunities that deliver on advertisers’ specific campaign goals.

Audience Forecasting: SpotX provides unified forecasts across open, private & curated marketplaces, providing insight into how campaigns will perform across device types, demographics, player sizes and more.

Reporting and Analytics: SpotX’s industry-leading reporting tools provide audience verification with complete site-level transparency into every impression served.

Interested in targeting engaged tech-savvy consumers in a personalized environment? Connect with the SpotX Demand Facilitation team to get started.


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