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With employees spanning 10+ global offices and clients around the world, the SpotX Platform Services team is dedicated to ensuring our media owners and platform customers have the tools and knowledge they need to be successful. Senior Manager of Audience Development, Clare Rubel, has been with SpotX since 2010 and has had the pleasure of seeing SpotX transition over the last 7 years. In this blog series, take a dive into the world of SpotX and learn why some of our most senior staff members love it here.

What do you love about SpotX?

I love the opportunity that is available at SpotX. In the 7.5 years I have been here, I have worked on both the supply and demand sides of the business in various roles. This has not only helped me maintain my level of interest and enthusiasm for the job, but also taught me a lot about what I like and don’t like. It has also allowed me to realize the areas where I have a more natural skill set versus areas in which I definitely don’t. The ability to push my boundaries has also made me confident in the role I am in and the career path I have chosen.

Even considering SpotX has grown from the 30-something employees that were here when I started, to the 400+ that are here today, there are still opportunities for advancement. It’s clear that SpotX has worked hard to make it that way and value the employees they have.

Do your teammates play a crucial role in why you love your job? How would you describe them?

Yes! The people from top to bottom have a million personalities (shoot, I have a million personalities myself), but everyone is respectful and friendly to each other. It’s rare to go a day without laughing around here and I am pretty confident in saying at least one person asks me how I am doing every day. I have only had one other real job out of college, so I can’t say much from experience elsewhere, but I would have to imagine that general amicability of SpotXers is unique…I know my friends outside of SpotX have said the same. I don’t know any other company where employees AND their +1’s get so pumped up for the annual holiday party when there’s really nothing crazy special about it (nothing like a paid celebrity DJ or anything some companies do). It’s the people who make it great.

What does SpotX do to make your job more enjoyable?

Our founders, Mike and Steve, have truly placed “keeping SpotX, SpotX” as a top priority throughout explosive growth. I feel like saying “keep the culture” is almost too generic and played out because what SpotX has done to maintain its authenticity does seem truly unique. Instead of implementing annoying, bureaucratic policies and institutionalizing SpotX over the years, they’ve focused on offering things like matched 401ks, matched charitable donations, gym membership reimbursement, supporting startups and the local tech scene, offering Friday breakfasts AND MORE!

The company also does not take itself too seriously and takes time to celebrate wins big and small. Execs still play pranks, dress up for holidays, get to know employees both new and old, celebrate life events, host happy hours and most importantly, act like normal people instead of becoming untouchable.

What about your job gives you the greatest satisfaction?

Employees have the chance to move across departments and find the right fit and growth opportunity for them. In my opinion, that’s huge. It’s helped me gain applicable experience in various areas and ultimately find what makes me happiest and where my performance is strongest. I feel like the work I do can make a difference and that feeling is supported all the way up the ladder.

I also get a great amount of satisfaction from the overall collaboration that goes on around here too—having interaction across HQ and with those in different offices is great and plays into the feeling that you don’t just work at SpotX, you are a part of SpotX.

Do you feel you’ve achieved a good work/life balance? How does SpotX help with that?

Yes, I have a great work/life balance. It is rare to be bored at SpotX and as in any job, things can be stressful, but that makes me feel fulfilled. While management encourages hard work, they also are there to remind you that ad tech doesn’t save lives. SpotX recognizes how hard all of their employees work and acknowledges each person’s role in the company’s successes. As part of that, they encourage you to take as much time off as you need/want. I love that I can schedule an appointment mid-day if I need without a production. I am able to work from home if needed or remotely from any location, which is huge for work/life balance.


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