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We’ve all experienced how a company’s core values inform and influence how things get done and SpotX is no different. From how we build our products to how we communicate with one another, we always strive to do things in the most transparent manner possible. It’s even inherent in the water we drink- filtered of course to minimize particulates and maximize transparency.

While that might be a stretch, transparency truly is at our core, which is why were excited to announce that we’re now providing publishers increased visibility into buyers with Seat Name. When publishers know who the actual buyers of their inventory are, they’re better able to holistically manage their inventory and make smart decisions when setting up direct deals. To provide publishers visibility into the buyers of their inventory, we’re adding support for Seat Name in the SpotX Publisher Platform. Seat Name will be reported alongside the names of individual advertisers that are currently reported in the Advertiser Focus of the Report Center.

Seat Names are a method for identifying individual buyers on a DSP and rely on Seat IDs as a unique identifier. When Seat Name is not surfaced, publishers have visibility into the DSP that is connecting SpotX with the demand and the name of the end advertiser, but they lack the granular buyer level data.

Without Seat Name, publishers don’t have visibility into the buyer beyond the DSP and Advertiser.


However, when Seat Name is provided, publishers get visibility into the specific buyers purchasing their inventory in addition to the advertisers behind the Seats.


Cheers to transparency! Happy selling publishers.



Insights from:

Leah White, Senior Manager, Product Marketing




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