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It’s nearly impossible to work in digital advertising these days and not encounter header bidding. That’s not a surprise, given header bidding’s track record of increasing yield for media owners, and the percent of media owners who still rely on legacy ad servers. In fact, we at SpotX have been talking about header bidding quite a bit:

With the SpotX Header Bidding Wrapper, media owners now have a best-in-class option to bring programmatic demand into their legacy ad server and compete all demand sources holistically. Of course, if you are familiar with the SpotX Platform, you know one way to get a holistic auction is to leverage SpotX as your primary ad server. We’ve long known that a unified auction of traditionally-transacted demand and programmatic increases competition, drives up CPMs and maximizes yield.

However, we understand media owners need flexibility to leverage the technology partners that work best for their business use case. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce SpotX’s integration of our Publisher Platform with Amazon Publisher Services’ Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM). The SpotX and Amazon partnership is another implementation for media owners to leverage our holistic Platform to manage their video business while having the control, transparency and actionable insights needed to successfully drive their business. Media owners who work with SpotX will be able to:

  • Utilize SpotX’s robust self-service programmatic direct tools
  • Tap into Demand Facilitation, an industry-leading sales team that can showcase a media owner’s supply and maximize revenue
  • Participate in SpotX Curated Marketplaces, a way to scale inventory to tap into private marketplace demand
  • Leverage SpotX’s existing brand safety partnerships for fraud protection and viewability measurement

As the advertising industry evolves, SpotX will continue to evaluate the partnerships and integrations that make sense for both us and media owners to ensure we are providing best-in-class solutions for media owners.

Read the official announcement here.

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Insights from:

Alison Sickelka, Senior Product Manager



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