SpotXer / November 20, 2017

SpotX Hot Seat: Jennifer Hanratty, Associate Software Engineer

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SpotX Hot Seat: Jennifer Hanratty, Associate Software Engineer

Meet Jennifer Hanratty, Associate Software Engineer in our Belfast office. With a passion for getting more women into tech and STEM careers, Jennifer leads two meet up groups; Women Tech Space and Django Girls Belfast. These groups help connect women with the drive...

Brand Advisory Board Retreat

In traditional buying models, brands often don’t have visibility into missed opportunities. The Brand Partnership team at SpotX, which acts as a consultancy inside the SpotX Demand Facilitation team, helps enable brands understand the full scope of possibilities and...

Q&A with Director of Media Innovation at Tyson Foods

  We recently sat down with Trace Rutland, Director of Media Innovation at Tyson Foods and member of the SpotX Brand Advisory Board to discuss the ins and outs of over-the-top and connected TV for brands. Today, brands are faced with important planning decisions...

Mastering CTV: Creative Types

Last week, we introduced what the connected TV ad experience is like by discussing the different video types available for advertisers.  In this video, you’ll learn more about the connected TV ad experience by seeing examples of the two main types of creatives...

SpotX’s GDPR Task Force

SpotX is taking a proactive approach to solving for GDPR and has created a cross-functional team dedicated to ensuring SpotX achieves organizational compliance by the deadline.

Autoplay Ads Have Been Silenced

With the release of Safari 11 for desktop in September, Apple has implemented the blocking of all autoplaying video with sound. Google Chrome will be following suit in early 2018 with the release of Chrome 64.

One Team, One Platform – the SpotX and smartclip Path Forward

“The leading, independent global video monetization offering for broadcasters and premium inventory owners to maximize the value of their audiences.” RTL Group’s full acquisition of SpotX in October set the stage for continued growth and innovation. As a global leader...

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