SpotX Company Background

Starting SpotX

It all started when Booyah Networks was founded in early 2001 in Colorado by Mike Shehan (CEO) and Steve Swoboda (CFO/COO). Raising cash for an online marketing company during the height of the dot com crash proved challenging for the two founders, so they did what they could to cobble together angel funding from friends, family and area entrepreneurs. Pete Estler, founder of MatchLogic (a targeted display serving company acquired by Excite), invested by signing over the title of his Lamborghini to the company. Mike Shehan sold his historic house in Boulder, and Steve Swoboda took out a second mortgage on his home.

The First Online Video Advertising Marketplace

Having experienced strong growth and record profits in 2005, Booyah Networks began to investigate other online marketing verticals that it could pursue with its bank of intellectual property, capital and search marketing experience. Sights were set on online video advertising, a potentially explosive market that was beset with standardization and integration problems. Booyah Networks saw that many of the industry's problems could be solved by applying some of the best practices and technologies employed in the sponsored search market. Consequently, SpotX was formed in 2007, and at the time it was the first online video advertising marketplace.

SpotX Launches a Real-Time Bidding Solution

In 2009, SpotX launched the industry’s first advanced targeting tools to help advertisers reach their audiences and continued to hire the team and expand nationally. In 2010, SpotX launched its real-time bidding solution, which helps companies tailor their bids on an impression-by-impression basis when bidding on in-stream and in-banner video ad inventory made available through SpotX's auction-based marketplace.

RTL Group Acquires SpotX

In July 2014, SpotX became part of RTL Group, a global leader across broadcast, content and digital, with interests in more than 80 TV channels and radio stations, content production throughout the world and rapidly growing digital video businesses. RTL Group is a division of the international media company Bertelsmann.

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SpotX Today

SpotX is the trusted video advertising platform offering premium publishers holistic inventory management in order to maximize revenue for desktop, mobile and connected TV inventory while driving down operational costs. Publishers leverage SpotX’s ad serving, programmatic technology, and private marketplace capabilities to operate effectively in an increasingly complex digital ecosystem while gaining unprecedented transparency, insight and control over the buying behavior of today’s leading brands. Over 5 billion video ad decisions are processed through the SpotX platform daily, with ads delivered to 600+ million people in over 190 countries per month. SpotX is headquartered north of Denver, and is consistently the top comScore video property for video ads served.