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Video Player Bidding

All the benefits of header bidding, built directly into the video player

Until now the potential of header bidding for video has been limited by difficult implementation and a fragmented market. Video player bidding is a market-changing solution built for video to greatly improve latency and moentization with just one click.

“Combining Best-of-Breed Video and Advertising Technology”

By marrying JW Player’s massive global publisher footprint with SpotX’s best-in- class advertising technology solutions,

Video Player Bidding:

  • Streamlines the bidding process
  • Solves implementation challenges
  • Unlocks revenue potential

Why SpotX and JW Player

Traditional Header Bidding

header bidding

Video Player Bidding

video player bidding

Maximize monetization

Access to 65+ demand sources with reduced latency

Integrate with a single click

Activated through the JW Player interface, this integration requires no additional code or developer resources

Access premium inventory

Through SpotX, advertisers can tap into the JW player network to gain access to premium inventory at scale

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