Open untapped revenue streams on desktop and mobile
with the SpotX In-Content Ad Unit

The Opportunity

Monetize non-video content seamlessly with the SpotX In-Content Ad Unit. On-the-fly transcoding of video content enables autoplay technology that’s viewable by design. Place ads seamlessly in-content to create contextually relevant opportunities, a format highly sought after by advertisers.

How it works

Ads only begin playing when they come into view, and pause when out of view.

Placement Types

Desktop, Mobile Web, and Mobile App
Embed video content within your content to unlock new advertising opportunities

  • Only plays when viewable
  • User initiated sound to protect the user experience
  • Clickable by design
  • Ability to loop, collapse or default to a display ad upon video completion

Benefits for Publishers

Open untapped video ad opportunities and garner higher CPMs from video ads

Easy to integrate as only a single integration is required for both desktop and mobile.

Viewable by design, the format is highly attractive to buyers

Great user experience that doesn’t require use of the native player

No additional player fees

Use our full stack SSP technology and robust ad serving capabilities