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 SpotX to provide programmatic infrastructure for advertising including dynamic ad insertion in live streams

HAMBURG, 18 December 2017 – Europe´s leading television-streaming provider, Zattoo, has chosen modern video ad serving platform SpotX, as its technology partner for connected TV advertising. SpotX will serve video adverts in Zattoo’s live streamed television programmes. This will include dynamic ad insertion in live streams, and the adverts will be traded programmatically and will provide KPIs for advertisers such as net and gross contacts, view-through rate and frequency capping to comply with regulations. Sport1 Media is one of the first broadcasters to use dynamic ad insertion (DAI) at Zattoo.

Zattoo enables people to watch their favourite TV programmes live and on demand over the internet on all connected devices – including smart TVs from Samsung, Apple TV and Android TV as well as televisions connected via streaming devices and games consoles or mobile devices. Along with linear Live TV and Video on Demand in SD, HD and UHD quality, the service offers state-of-the-art interactive functionality such as instant restart, time shift, catch-up TV and network DVR at fair price for consumers.

Commenting on the news, Oliver Knappmann, Chief Sales Officer at Zattoo, explains, “SpotX offers a leading ad serving platform that we will use for the implementation and monetisation of spots traded programmatically and inserted dynamically, which is a new ad format developed by us. The partnership will give us control, insights and transparency into our programmatically traded inventory on our digitally-delivered television enabling us to target advertising to consumers at whatever time they choose to watch TV, including live streams.”

Stefan Beckmann, Managing Director, DACH at SpotX, adds, “Zattoo is a leading TV streaming platform in Germany offering quality content streamed across mobile and connected TV. The company has seen phenomenal growth on their platform and is now enabling agencies and advertisers to reach consumers viewing their high quality, brand safe inventory using data-driven programmatic techniques including private marketplaces and Curated Marketplaces.“

The announcement follows the release of SpotX’s research paper‚ ‘The Connected TV Advertising Opportunity’ which predicts that connected TV advertising in Germany would be worth €125m by 2020. One of the largest markets in Europe, Germany has an emerging connected TV advertising ecosystem with €50 million of advertising viewed on a TV connected to the open internet via streaming devices, smart TVs, games consoles and set-top-boxes in 2016.

About Zattoo

Zattoo is based in Zurich, and with roughly 17 million registered users, it’s the biggest TV-streaming provider in Europe. Zattoo allows television programmes to be watched on computers and smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows 10) and on tablets (iPad, Android, Windows 10). Zattoo also offers TV applications for televisions with integrated internet connectivity such as the Samsung Smart TV, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Android TV, and also supports streaming via Apple AirPlay and Chromecast. The range of programmes includes more than 200 TV channels (in Germany, more than 100). These include public, private and international channels. The 7-day replay function and the video-on-demand service also enable the time-independent retrieval of selected programmes. Zattoo users can choose models that are financed either by advertising or by subscriptions. For more information, please visit

About SpotX

SpotX is a video ad serving platform providing media owners with monetization tools for desktop, mobile and connected devices. The platform features modern ad serving and programmatic infrastructure, and other monetization tools, like solutions for OTT and outstream video ad units. SpotX gives publishers the control, transparency and actionable insights needed to understand buyer behavior, manage access and pricing, and maximize revenue. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and has offices in Amsterdam, Belfast, Hamburg, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Stockholm, Singapore and Sydney. In October 2017, RTL Group, a leader across broadcast, content and digital, completed its 100% acquisition of SpotX. For updates, follow SpotX on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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