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Now that we’ve gone over our quick guide to OTT devices, it’s time to jump into the reasons why creating over-the-top content has proven to be of extreme value for media owners. According to eMarketer, OTT users will represent  71.2% of all internet users. Whether it’s through a set-top box, gaming console, or smart TV, OTT is earning more watch time from consumers.

Connected TV users are engaged with content in a different way than other connected devices- they typically watch in a continuous fashion and are less likely to jump from one piece of content to the next. Based on 2016 data from the SpotX Platform, connected TV ads resulted in the highest completion rates compared to ads on mobile and desktop devices, coming in at 95%.

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Source: 2016 SpotX Platform Report

Connected TV inventory is highly valuable to advertisers due to the high viewability and ad completion rates that those placements provide. Given the way users engage with connected TV, ads are typically short and captivating, creating a valuable and memorable experience for the viewer while driving higher revenue for the media owner.

The ability to analyze content topics, language and location using login data from OTT devices provides a rich stream of audience data for media owners. In turn, buyers can use these insights to target users effectively to get their ads in front of the right people – another highly attractive feature of connected TV advertising.

With connected TV inventory in high demand, more and more media owners are bringing their content to the TV screen. For media owners, it’s a lucrative monetization opportunity, bringing in high revenues from advertisers who are eager to buy full-screen placements. Connected TV is poised to become a key component to the media owner’s video monetization strategy.

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