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It was great to be a part of The Future of TV Advertising Forum which was held at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney for the first time, last Thursday 21st February.  The room was full to overflowing and the content was fast paced and exciting with a great representation of speakers from right across the ecosystem.  Including our very own Allen Klosowski, SVP Advanced Solutions group who participated in the “Getting the job done – building the data-driven future of TV advertising”, panel discussion.

The panel focused on the utilisation of data from a broadcaster’s perspective, the importance of it, the power of TV audiences and how to protect their highly valued audiences and data from any data leakage and of course maintaining a premium user experience.  They also covered the buyer angle in terms of their needs and desires from the broadcasters and how to correctly value media.  The full panel discussion will be available in due course on the Future of TV Advertising website.

Across the other sessions were two common themes which came up in nearly every session collaboration and measurement.  The need for broadcasters and content owners to work together to solve common issues like a single TV platform for the networks, changes to the core audience demographics (25-54 years), changes to the broadcast industry regulations and a full overhaul to TV measurement and overnight ratings.  Check out our recap below for insights around The Future of TV advertising here in Australia.


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