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Christie Grix, Senior Director of Training & Development at SpotX

With employees spanning ten global offices and clients around  the world, the SpotX Training & Development team is dedicated to ensuring that education on the SpotX platform is user-friendly and adaptable for all individuals. Senior Director of Global Training & Development, Christie Grix, has been with SpotX since 2011. Since starting the Training team in 2014, it’s grown to a five person team based in the SpotX HQ in Denver, CO, serving our internal employees and platform customers around the world.

If you could describe the culture at SpotX in one word, what would it be?

Collaborative. SpotX has grown to the company it is today because of how well teams within SpotX work together. Whether it be process sharing or problem solving, people come together on a global scale to make SpotX the best it can be.

How does the Training team work with offices and clients around the globe? What tools does the team use to stay connected?

The Training team is unique in that we have the opportunity to work with every team at SpotX. We’re responsible for onboarding new hires and building continuing education programs for employees as well as client education materials and events. The key tools we leverage are SpotX Knowledge, which is our online database of SpotX information, our e-learning platform, SpotX University, and Asana, which keeps all of our projects in order.

What are the different roles for external/internal training teams?

Our team is divided into 3 functional groups:

Internal Training: Responsible for all internal SpotX education and development. This team runs new hire onboarding globally, captures information and organizes it into our database (think trainings that happen within teams, process documentation, insights, best practices), builds e-learning courses, runs cultural events like Happy Hours and holiday celebrations and builds employee and management development programs.

Platform Training: Specializes in creating education materials for our SpotX platform. This team is technically savvy and gets into the weeds of our product functionality. It’s their job to make sure everyone understands all facets of our platform and how they interact with the larger Ad Tech ecosphere.

External Training: Runs all client education on a global scale. They organize optimization webinars on a weekly basis, write content for our platform users, host in-person trainings that teach clients how to become platform power users and create education materials on the industry that our clients can leverage to be successful in their roles.

What makes the Training team work well together? Is there a workflow, process, rule, etc. that helps?

We work with a lot of teams, as I’ve mentioned. The biggest tool we use is Asana. It helps us keep our projects in order and allows us to communicate what we’re working on with other teams.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in applying for a position with the Training team at SpotX?

I would say, in order to be successful on Training, you have to be flexible, curious, and diligent. Our industry changes so quickly, we’re constantly adapting what and how we’re teaching. Curiosity and diligence comes into play because new tech or changing tech comes with a lot of nuances and complexities—you have to be willing to ask questions and try to find holes in your education so that what you bring to learners is a comprehensive project.

What are some exciting things the Training team is currently focused on?

We recently completed a swap in the technology that we use for our Knowledge database. The new platform allows for more customization and adds so much functionality.  We’re really excited about the new ways we’ll be able to leverage the platform. On the external side, we’re looking at new ways we can engage with our clients and educate them in a way that is natural and falls more in line with their workflows. One of the best things about working on a team at SpotX is that you can be constantly innovating your workflows and projects. It keeps things exciting!

Follow Christie on Twitter @ChristieGrix.

The Training team is hiring! Check out open positions and apply here today.



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