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SpotX has a multi-level support team dedicated to helping our supply partners earn the most from their video ad inventory. Today, we sat down with Director of Supply Ops Matt Obermeyer to pick his brain on how publishers can boost the value of their ad inventory to drive higher CPMs and fill rates.

Q: How did you get started at SpotX?

Matt: I started as an Account Coordinator in 2014, where my primary role was to assist Account Managers in their day-to-day and run inventory optimizations and reporting for our supply partners. I’ve since moved up to Director of Supply Ops, and today, I’m responsible for managing a small portfolio of our premium owned & operated publishers.

Q: What is your process?

Matt: We kick off publisher relationships by getting a firm understanding of where their inventory sits and what it looks like, and then we draw on industry experience to help them understand where their best opportunities lie.

Q: What types of metrics do buyers use to assess what they’d be willing to pay for an ad?

Matt: The main KPIs advertisers key in on are typically related to viewability, audibility, CTR, and various other performance based metrics. SpotX has partnerships with companies like Moat and DoubleVerify that can verify KPIs like these. In addition, the industry has evolved in a way that makes audience attributes very attractive for advertisers, provided they’re able to target on those attributes.

Q: How do you counsel publishers to optimize on these?

Matt: One thing that’s important to keep in mind is that advertisers are typically looking to deliver on one of two performance goals. Naturally, advertisers are looking to purchase the most premium inventory, in which case some inventory will just naturally be disqualified. The second is to expand the reach of their buys, so more inventory will qualify. It often comes down to helping publishers highlight the most attractive aspects of their inventory so they can attract buyers who are primarily interested in those attributes. We use Curated Marketplaces to help expand the reach of an advertiser’s buy by including multiple inventory sources with relevant content and metrics within a single Deal ID that’s easy for our DSPs to implement.

Q: Is there anything you can suggest with regards to audience targeting?

Matt: If publishers make their audience data available to buyers for targeting purposes, it can help highlight the relevance and value of their inventory. Buyers trying to target a particular audience often times pay more for placements they know will reach that audience.

Q: How does the process differ between O&O and reseller publishers?

Matt: From an inventory optimization perspective, having direct access to someone who can actually control what’s on the page makes a big difference. We can make suggestions for changes that could be made to enhance inventory in the eyes of buyers, and O&O publishers are in a better position to be receptive to them. In addition, when you’re dealing with publishers who actually own their content, there’s much more direct responsibility in terms of brand safety and accurate inventory classification, so they’re often perceived as less risky for advertisers. Less risk translates to more value.

That’s not to say that all reseller pubs are risky. Some have defined reseller relationships with O&O pubs so they’re authorized to resell inventory, which adds another layer of accountability. The IAB recently launched ads.txt, which allows O&O pubs to identify authorized resellers of their inventory in bid requests to buyers. We encourage publishers to adopt ads.txt, as this makes for more transparency in the transaction process.

Q: Anything else you’d add to this?

Matt: I’d just encourage SpotX publishers to maintain an open line of communication with their Demand Facilitation and account teams here. If you haven’t been in touch with them in a while, reach out!

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