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Inventory assurance has always been a top priority for SpotX, with the goal of providing buyers and publishers with the tools and technology needed to fight fraud on both sides of the business. With an in-house Brand Safety team and partnerships with some of the best third-party vendors in the industry to ensure a clean, fraud-free environment, SpotX has taken many steps to help make the digital advertising space clean and secure.

SpotX Chief Technology Officer J. Allen Dove has been a key contributor to the IAB since 2011 and a stakeholder with the IAB Tech Lab since its inception more than three years ago. Over the past several years, he’s had an excellent vantage point from which to observe change within the industry. “Ads.txt is really the first weapon that the industry has afforded itself generically to fight fraud,” explained Dove. “The [ads.txt] initiative is really about an assurance at bid time.”

Check out the SpotX and the IAB Tech Lab webinar “Ads.txt across the Supply Chain: Business Perspectives Webinar” and hear how industry leaders including Accuen, Centro, DataXu and Microsoft Casual Games have adopted and integrated ads.txt into their business models and workflows and hear their perspectives on the initiative’s early impact.



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