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We’re making a list and checking it twice! When it comes to brand safety, SpotX takes consistent measures to identify and remove fraudulent and low-quality ad impressions from the SpotX marketplace, consistently maintaining our position on the Nice List. What makes up the Nice List? Companies that focus heavily on Brand Safety, Inventory Assurance, and Transparency. Let’s investigate further.

Inventory assurance has always been a top priority for SpotX, with the goal of providing buyers and publishers with the tools needed to fight fraud on both sides of the business. SpotX Chief Technology Officer J. Allen Dove has worked with the IAB Tech Lab since its inception around Inventory Assurance, providing the technology for buyers and media owners to combat fraud on both sides.



There’s no substitute for common sense and the human element in brand safety. Having an in-house Brand Safety team has always been a crucial component of our Inventory Assurance efforts. Our partnerships with some of the best third-party vendors in the industry ensure a clean, fraud-free environment, SpotX has taken many steps to help make the digital advertising space is secure.



As a founding member of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), SpotX focuses on maintaining transparency in relationships and transactions within the digital advertising industry. Offering legitimate, premium supply to our demand partners is core to SpotX’s mission.TAG compliancy focuses on 4 key areas: eliminating fraudulent ad traffic, combating malware, fighting ad-supported web piracy and promoting brand safety.



Complying with safety measures is necessary in order to help keep the ad ecosystem clean. However, the advertising industry has seen massive amounts of fraudulent activity in the last year, with ramifications affecting more than just advertisers and their audiences.

While there are many unscrupulous partners in the ad tech space, there are also companies that are dedicated to keeping the advertising ecosystem clean. Learn more about Brand Safety at SpotX and how we #KeepItClean.


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