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Short-form ads, namely 6-second  bumper ads, seem to be the topic du jour. But what exactly are they, are they right for your brand, and how and where can you buy them?

Why are 6-second ads on the rise?

In an era of diminishing attention spans, 60 and 30-second ads have fallen from favor among advertisers and media owners concerned with video completion rates and the negative impact of heavy ad loads on consumer experience. Reflecting this shift, the proportion of 15-second ads on broadcast TV has steadily increased since 2014. This year even saw 6-second ads on linear TV in both live sports and scripted drama. But nowhere is this shift more pronounced than in digital video. Led by nimble social media platforms, short form ads are having a moment.

How are 6-second ads being used?

As mentioned above, advertisers have embraced this format for the enhanced user experience (no one wants to annoy viewers), price efficiencies, and impressive performance on several KPIs like VCR, Brand Recall and Awareness. However, the common refrain among holdouts remains the same: Can you really tell a story in 6 seconds? The answer seems to be a resounding “Yes! Sort of.” First, short form ads aren’t meant to replace spots of more traditional (read: longer) durations, rather, they are meant to complement the overall mix. Short form ads make great teasers, linked together they can create anticipation, or serve as stepping stones to the full-length message. They’re also not ideal for direct response or co-op ads where more than one brand is featured. But those using them creatively and effectively note their surprise at how much you really can say in 6 seconds.

Where can I find inventory?

One of the major hurdles faced by advertisers looking to incorporate short-form ads into their strategy is the perception of a shortage of quality supply. While there are several players offering 6-second units running in social or on large user-generated content platforms, there’s less scalable, brand-safe inventory available. That’s why SpotX has created custom 6-Second Curated Marketplaces for our buyers. We’ve worked closely with our premium supply partners to identify high quality, brand-safe inventory and made it easily accessible.

If you’re interested in tapping into our 6-Second Curated Marketplaces for your next campaign, contact Demand Facilitation to activate today.

Brands Weigh In

Is your brand or client already using or considering 6-second ads? Is this a flash in the pan or here to stay? We want to hear from you! Fill out our short survey below to let us know what you think.





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