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Giving Publishers Granular Control with Creative Level Management


We’re excited to announce the latest feature in our Publisher Platform, Creative Review. As part of Holistic Inventory Management, Creative Review is a new Quality Control feature that helps publishers maintain their brand integrity. Using this new feature, publishers can preview and then approve or reject individual video ad creatives across the SpotX Public Marketplace.

“As the tide of cross screen digital advertisements continue to swell, the complexities with managing and maintaining brand integrity come center stage,” Kevin Hunt, SpotX’s Sr. Product Director said. “Creative review is a straight forward and efficient way for your ad operations team to monitor ad creative quality and alignment with your brand.”

This puts publishers in control, allowing them to manage even more aspects of their users’ experience, which is particularly important for publishers with strict brand guidelines. With this granular level control, we are putting publishers in the driver’s seat to create a curated experience for users and protect their brand.

Not only does this feature provide unprecedented granular control, but it is also easy to use. Publishers can sort ad creatives based on key performance metrics like Average Bid CPM and Number of Bids, allowing them to easily identify and act on the highest value ads and associated buyers. Once their list is properly prioritized, ads can be approved or rejected with a single click. Finally, our team of Inventory Classification Specialists prescreens all ads that enter Creative Review, providing a first line of defense, reducing publishers workload. By tagging each creative with useful metadata, our Specialists make ad approval decisions easier for publishers.

If you’d like to learn more about how Creative Review provides granular control as a part of a robust Platform, get in touch with us.



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Leah White, Senior Manager, Product Marketing



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