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There’s no question that one of the hottest discussions in the digital advertising ecosystem surrounds fraud and brand safety.  SpotX is deeply committed to ensuring brand safety and we continue to invest heavily in industry-leading solutions. We’ve laid a strong foundation with our brand safety infrastructure, which includes licenses with antifraud vendors, a dedicated in-house brand safety team, compliance with TAG’s various inventory quality, brand safety and anti-fraud certifications and participation in a variety of payback programs.

We also focus our efforts on inventory assurance in terms of quality and accurate representation and employ several specific practices including blacklists and disabled supply lists to keep our ecosystem free of fraud and to help maintain the integrity of the industry as a whole.

As part of this, SpotX has proactively encouraged and instructed adoption of ads.txt across all of our platform customers. We proactively block any suppliers that have not listed us in their ads.txt files, and if the supplier does not have an ads.txt file, SpotX will require a proof of partnership between the supplier and any reseller as a non-negotiable condition of continued business.

Learn from SpotX’s Sr. Director of Brand Safety, Nick Frizzell, on the ins and outs of the Brand Safety philosophy and practices at SpotX, and be on the lookout over the next several months to continue to learn more about how we at SpotX #KeepItClean. 


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