Cross-Screen Ad Serving

Manage traditional and automated demand holistically and maximize yield with SpotX’s unified ad serving platform.

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Instream & Outstream Video

Fill pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll inventory or leverage our In-Content outstream video ad units to open untapped revenue streams and monetize non-video editorial content.

ad serving, video ad serving, ad servers, header bidding

Header Bidding

Manage all demand concurrently with SpotX’s built-in parallel ad decisioning or header bidding wrapper.

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Monetize engaged audiences in live, linear and video-on-demand content across mobile and connected devices.

ad serving, video ad serving, ad servers, digital audio

Digital Audio

Access an additional revenue stream and capitalize on programmatic efficiency for audience targeting with audio inventory.

ad serving, video ad serving, ad servers

Trafficking & Reporting

  • Traffic Deal ID & tag-based executions
  • Set pacing, frequency capping and tier prioritization per demand source
  • Forecast available inventory across each campaign
  • Target impressions based on Moat-verified viewability
  • Assign fixed price CPMs or price floors with variable bidding enabled

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