The Trusted Video Advertising Platform for Premium Publishers

The Holistic Inventory Management Platform

publisher platform, premium publishers, Video ad monetization

Insights & Control

Our complete monetization platform gives publishers and broadcasters insights and controls needed to achieve comprehensive inventory optimization.

publisher platform, premium publishers, Video ad monetization

Yield Management

By aggregating and competing all demand sources, across sales channels and devices, in a unified ad decisioning environment, we maximize yield, streamline workflow, enhance delivery and return the maximum revenue for every impression.

Connecting Publishers To Demand Sources

SpotX is the industry-leading platform for managing and maximizing yield for publisher video ad inventory across all screens. Top publishers use our platform to connect to all of their demand sources – ad networks, DSPs, trading desks and exchanges – creating a single place where buyers compete for your inventory so you achieve the highest revenue possible, every time.

At Our Core

SpotX functions with five main principles at our core, influencing how we build and deploy our platform.


Automate your trading of media and streamline workflow

Cross Screen

Monetize video inventory across any device using a single tag and a single platform

Open & Extensible

Our open platform relies on standards based protocols, robust API support and interoperable solutions


Leverage a global solution for monetizing video inventory and get support worldwide

Customer Centric

Our tri-level account team provides best in class support and three touch points for communication

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