Transparency and Informed Control

viewability, viewable, brand safety


We also offer audience verification and site-level reporting, and ensure we match the right ad to the right audience on the right screen

viewability, viewable, brand safety


SpotX has partnered with Moat to give advertisers detailed, campaign-level insight into viewability and other select attention metrics

viewability, viewable, brand safety

Brand Studies

Measure awareness, favorability or intent with brand studies from partner, Mixpo

viewability, viewable, brand safety


  • Dedicated account team continually monitors buying activity
  • Curated markets are optimized to buyer success metrics
  • Moat integration enables viewability optimization


“SpotX has been an early adopter and active participant in implementing trust and transparency solutions —
such as DV’s market-leading fraud protection which has enabled SpotX to pre-emptively eliminate digital ad fraud from their ecosystem.”

Matt McLaughlin

COO, DoubleVerify


SpotX offers advertisers unprecedented transparency, with visibility into every impression. With SpotX, you’ll gain site level transparency throughout your campaigns, ensuring you know exactly what you’re buying and where it’s running.


We also give buyers the option to run third party media verification from some of the top vendors in the industry to identify any publishers with suspect inventory and remove them from our marketplace.


The SpotX team works hard every day to ensure the safety of your brand and we will continue to offer you the most advanced transparency and viewability measures in the market today.

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